What our VMSR Managed Services Program can do for you!

GPS Provider Relationship Management

  • Manage the relationship between the telematics/GPS providers and clients
  • Constant and direct contact between GMG VMSR and customer to build a relationship that the customer can't do without
  • Scaling of Solution- Ensuring all features are available as required by customer
  • Identify new challenges and needs of the client and find solutions to fit their requirements
  • Introduce new industry leading ideas and features to the client
  • Ensure open communication with clearly defined response times
  • Fill order requests from customer working with dealer and/or sales rep.

Support and Maintenance

  • Troubleshoot non-reporting units
  • Initiate warranty protocol as needed
  • Report outlying information or unit outages to the customers and providers on a daily and weekly basis
  • Host recurring meetings to ensure maximum solution up-time. Avoiding wasted investments in non-used services and products
  • Assist in setup of new and current Telematics solutions to ensure accurate reporting
  • Facilitate process of getting W/O for installations, De/Re or repairs
Fleet Tracking Solutions

Data Management

  • Manage software specifics to clients on a day-to-day basis
  • Set up reports and present data as required by clients
  • Configure Dashboards, equipment, vehicle and driver groups to best serve the clients needs
  • Track and adjust safety metrics promoting safe driving habits
  • If used, ensure integration solutions are working properly on a daily basis


  • Facilitate training of software to staff who utilize telematics via email, phone or video conference
  • Personally train new employees to the system. Allowing vital personnel to focus on their duties
  • Provide Updated Training Documents to admin and field staff
  • Introduce new features that are free and availiable through the telematics provider