Becoming an Agent

Agent Opportunity

Interested in becoming a Sales Referral Agent?

As an Sales Referral Agent you will own your time and add revenue to your current business! You will set your own goals and schedule and there are never any quotas.

We pay the highest upfront commission rate on all qualified referrals with bonus potential for annual sales volume. Even though this is a referral program we feel these are your customers so we pay a referral fee that is unmatched in the industry!


The iTech Business Sales Referral Agent program is a great way to increase revenue from your current customer base and for your sales reps to make higher earnings on a product that you don't have to support and your customers know is a necessity for their business anyway.


Your job is simple... you just need a basic understanding of GPS/Cameras and coordinate a meeting for us to consult with your customer on their GPS/Camera needs. This will help make your customers telematics lives stress free as we manage the product and Service Provider issues for them so they can just get down to managing their assets! Plus you can rest assured that your customers will be provided the best customer service they have ever received from any Telematics Provider they have had in the past because they will just have to make one phone call/email directly to us (NOT a GPS Service Provider). We handle everything for them for as long as they are with us! Your customers will be happy your referred them to us...Just ask our customers!

Who does this program fit?

  • Any company that sells/consults with customers that have a fleet, heavy equipment, trailers or any other mobile asset
  • Sales Individuals or Manufacturer Reps that sell to a customer base with mobile assets and want to add another revenue stream
  • Commercial Insurances providers that encourage safety/liability to their clients.
  • Small Businesses in Security Alarm, Truck/Equipment Sales & Rentals, HVAC/Electrical/Plumbing Supply, Oil/Gas Parts and Supply companies etc.

What our companies will provide you: You will always have a direct contact when you have any questions or any business needs.

  • Full business support as you grow and provide customer product support to the customer
  • Highest Referral Commissions in the telematics industry
  • Sales ordering and product provisioning/setup

What we will offer the customers:

  • One Direct Point of Contact for Basic support via email or phone always
  • Our basic Proactive Support package free from one of our VMSR Assistants (Virtual Managed Service Rep) direct email/phone number to provide the customer with proactive managed support and data management so they can just manage their fleet. Our VMSR's will provide the customer with the very best experience with our products.