Qube 300: Fleet Management

The Qube tracking device collects and sends information directly from your vehicle to your PC or mobile device and is ideal for any company with one or more vehicles. It can work alone or with your other TeletracNavman Wireless devices. With Qube, you can easily locate your entire fleet, monitor and manage driver behavior, and monitor additional vehicle data.

Navman Wireless Qube Fleet Management

Netradyne Quad Dash Cam

The Driveri technology platform processes data in real time with up to 100 hours of storage. Unlike legacy platforms that rely on video to be uploaded to the cloud, then reviewed by humans, all data and video are analyzed on the device, delivering real immediate value to drivers and fleet management.

Netradyne Quad Cam

ELD Solution (Electronic Driver Logs)

DRIVE is a powerful suite of applications that provide drivers and co-drivers secure, safe, and efficient in-cab tools – all on an easy-to-use interface. DRIVE features all of the compliance requirements set forth by the FMCSA ELD mandate from unique logins to in-vehicle audible and visual feedback warnings to help avoid HOS violations and manage their own HOS compliance, as well as a clear and intuitive interface allowing for expedited roadside inspections. DRIVE offers advanced in-vehicle navigation and two-way messaging functions, including compliance and safety options for seamless transportation during the workday. With multiple map views and the ability to instantly send and receive messages, operations stay guided and focused – enabling improved efficiency and productivity.

Navman Wireless Data Capture Unit

Telematics Managed Services (VMSR Program)

Telematics solutions are everywhere and everyone is selling them. The big question: Who is helping you really manage the valuable data you are getting? Who is managing your solution to make sure everything is working at optimum level. Our VMSR solution is a huge differentiator. Let us manage your data delivery, product warranties, vendor relationship, customer support etc. Our VMSR program will help your company get the biggest ongoing ROI our of your chosen GPS solution by allowing your staff to dispatch and just manage the fleet.

Data Management

AXiS OneView: Mixed Asset Aggregation

The AXiS OneView platform empowers companies to tacklethe core challenges of management, safety, productivity, maintenance and compliance. Providing opportunities for smarter equipment management, from better asset allocation to improved fuel and cost controls. AXiS OneView offers a full range of operational improvements. The platform's smart features consolidate data and provide complete visibility through a single universal interface. With easy access to this information, businesses can stay competitive and increase there bottom line profits.

AXiS Oneview Big Picture