iTech GPS Solutions

iTech GPS Solutions is an approved Navman Wireless product distributor. We provide equipment, consultations, training and support for all of our GPS solutions at an unmatched value.

We will analyze the needs for your business and provide you with the best product based on those needs.


Products Capabilities

These features and reports are a part of our most popular Fleet+ package. Since no two fleets are alike, we work with you to customize your features and reports to your needs and budget. Standard features and reports of the Fleet+ package include:

  • Passive Geofences (sites)
  • Basic Mobile Version
  • Anti-Theft
  • Google Maps with Traffic & Street View
  • Detachable Map
  • Vehicle Clustering
  • Personalized Vehicle Icons
  • Multi-Vehicle Replay-a-Day
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • How-To Training Site Access
  • Scheduled Report Delivery

  • Desktop to Vehicle Routing*
  • Maintenance Module
  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Message Center*
  • Active Alerts
  • Active Geofences
  • Real-time Vehicle Query
  • Electronic Field Forms*
  • Enhanced Vehicle Groups
  • Premium Services Availability**
  • Driver Behavior
  • Activity Within a Site
  • Over-Speed
  • Stop Summary
  • Trip Summary
  • Fleet Idle Time
  • Mileage Summary
  • Location Summary
  • Unauthorized Use
  • Geofence Violations
  • State Mileage
  • State Mileage Aggregate
  • Executive Summary
  • Interactive Drill-Down
  • Speed Analysis*
  • Maintenance Log
  • Maintenance Status
  • Message Report*

  • Fleet Utilization
  • Event Alerts
  • Time Sheet*
  • Time Summary*
  • Forms Activity*
  • Driver Activity*
  • Scorecard Summary Report
  • Detailed Scorecard Trip Report
  • Individual Driver Report Card
  • Progressive Scorecard Report
  • Engine Hours
  • Asset Location
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Zero Event Activity
  • Trip Report by Asset
  • Jobsite Utilization
  • Maintenance Status

The Best-in-Class All-in-One Solution

Our products offer comprehensive and customized monitoring and reporting for all your powered and non-powered mobile assets. There is no need to own more than one tracking solution when our systems can do it all.


Software Download

The OnlineAVL2 software suite powers your entire fleet-management solution and connects you with the insights you need to refine your operation. Download the latest client version and documentation below.

Download the latest version of OnlineAVL2